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Marketing Mix Modelling Software to Maximise your Marketing ROI

Mass Analytics offers state-of-the-art Marketing Analytics & Software Solutions showing you the optimal way to spend your marketing budget, achieve maximum ROI and predict your future performance. We are confident that our flagship product “MassTer” is the solution that will help you increase your Marketing ROI by at least 15% and save you in excess of 50% of the delivery time of your marketing effectiveness project.

Our international experience in Marketing Mix Modelling, customer segmentation, predictive modelling and measuring the Return on Marketing Investment (ROI) is grounded in our tools and will deepen your business understanding by providing you with a thorough analysis of your own data.



Our flagship software “MassTer” is an advanced modelling & predictive platform that provides a one stop solution for running marketing effectiveness projects. It comes with 8 built-in modules that help you perform marketing mix modelling, ROI calculation, budget optimisation & predictive analytics. “MassTer” is our way to industrialise the marketing mix modelling process by making it available to all through offering a powerful end-to-end solution with a user-friendly interface.



We offer marketing effectiveness consultancy based on custom analytics applied to your own data to show you the optimal way to spend your budget and optimise your performance. Our dedicated and specialised data scientists ensure continuous support is provided to your teams and provide you with the necessary knowledge transfer to develop your own in-house modelling capability. We also run advanced courses on predictive modelling, budget optimisation and ROI.

Training Marketing Mix Modelling

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