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The Board

Our international experience in Marketing Mix modeling, ROI Calculation & Advanced Mathematical Modeling spans over more than 20 years and constitute the strength of MASS Analytics. Our expertise covers a large number of industries.

Ramla Jarrar

Dr. Ramla Jarrar

Chief Executive Officer

Firas Jabloun

Dr. Firas Jabloun

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Baker

Mr. Paul Baker

Board Member

Rafal Kozlowski

Mr. Rafal Kozlowski


Client Testimonials

Our Values

Passion: We are passionate about what we do and we do strongly believe we add value to our clients. We feel that our success is measured by the success of our clients and we continuously endeavour to achieve the maximum for our clients and always go beyond the brief.

Integrity: We understand that our recommendations and insight are a key part of our clients’ strategic decision making. Given the importance of this responsibility, integrity is positioned at the heart of each piece of consultancy we provide. We commit to analyse the data to the best we can, expose the truth where it lays and add a sound layer of commercial judgement.

Transparency: Our client’s trust is precious to us. We aim to build a long term partnership with them and be an integral part of their marketing journey through the years. It is key they are aware of the methodology we use and the technology we develop. We operate as an open and transparent business where our clients are entitled to a clear response on all the questions related to the  techniques and methodology we use.