A leading brand wanted to understand the Return On Investment from its Marketing activities and discern the performance of its media spend on offline and online advertising. To do this; it was critical to spot which channel was working better, and measure the synergy, if any, between the different channels used during the campaign for higher effectiveness and efficiency.


The leading brand was then advised to collect 3 years’ worth of data which contain KPI data, Offline and Online Advertising data, Marketing data, Brand data, Competitors data, and other External data. Depending on the nature of data, there can be controllable and uncontrollable factors:

• Controllable factors: Price, promotions, Media (TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio), Direct Marketing.

• Uncontrollable factors: Competitors, Natural Seasonality, Economic factors…

After the data has been collected, it was transformed to adapt to the widely known consumer behaviour models using the pre-programmed processors available in the processing module of our flagship modelling platform MassTer.

A model was then built using the proprietary log linear algorithm embedded into MassTer to measure the synergy between the different channels.

ROI Graph.jpg


MassTer allowed to create a model that traced well the sales variation and examined the sales decomposition including all the factors that significantly influence the client KPI allowing to quantify the impact of each factor on sales and calculate ROI.

The conducted model on MassTer has shown that TV generated the highest ROI followed by Radio. There was also a synergic effect of 12%, resulting in a higher efficiency when combining these two media channels.

ROI Challenge.jpg


The results of the model constructed in MassTer were fed directly into the optimisation module. The latter allowed to conduct a Media budget optimistion resulting in an increase in TV and Radio budget at the expense of the other channels which led to 15% improvement in the performance of the same media budget.


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In today’s digital age, companies are investing heavily in digital channels. “MassTer”, our software solution, helped a major telecom operator uncover the effects of Paid, Owned and Earned Media on the customer path to purchase and sales performance.


What is the promotional mechanic that delivers the best sales performance? What are the promotional activities that drive the greatest ROI? Our solutions helped a major FMCG player measure and optimise different promotional strategies.


The same budget can yield impressive results, if optimised efficiently. We helped a global broadcaster perform a large-scale marketing effectiveness project covering all their products to optimise their budget across products and channels.

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