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Uncover the bright side of your Marketing ROI

MassTer: Your one-stop software to Measure and Optimise Your Sales Performance

“MassTer” is an end-to-end marketing mix modelling software solution that allows you to identify your sales & performance drivers, calculate the ROI of your marketing activities, optimise budgets and run predictive analysis.

Best industry practices and processes were implemented to help you automate most of the steps and turn Marketing Effectiveness projects into an efficient and cost-effective process. MassTer is composed of 8 modules that embody the natural flow of the marketing effectiveness process offering handy features and automation throughout:

Masster modules

Reasons to choose MassTer Software

End-To-End: From data collection to forecasting and ROI calculation, all the tasks are performed seamlessly using the 8 built-in modules offered by MassTer. Charts, tables, ROI and contribution calculations can easily be exported to Excel. R scripts could also be run from MassTer.

Easy-To-Use: MassTer is an intuitive and user-friendly software. You can quickly grasp the way it works and start building your first models on the day. We offer comprehensive and detailed training sessions that can help you further explore the capabilities of MassTer.

Advanced Modelling: MassTer is equipped with advanced modelling capabilities that respond to the requirements of today’s Marketing Mix Modelling: Loglinear (Proprietary algorithm), Pooled regression (Fixed Effect Modelling), Nested modelling with advanced attribution screen. 

Automation: A comprehensive list of functions/processors are available to help you automate the transformation of your raw variables which saves you precious time and ensures robustness to human error. The auto modeller allows to quickly build viable models while taking into consideration the predefined constraints. 

Expertise: Our rich experience in Marketing Mix enables us to understand the growing needs of our clients. Our in-house Research & Development Department works continuously on enriching MassTer with new features and advanced modelling algorithms. Bespoke solutions could be implemented upon request.

Pricing: We offer flexible packages adapted to the needs of the market. Our clients could opt for monthly or annual subscriptions. They could also choose one or a combination of the different packages offered: Standard, Professional& Premium.


MassTer Key Modules and Features


The “Configuration” module allows you to describe input variables to “MassTer”
and place them in the appropriate predefined groups.

  • “MassTer” can read multiple input data files that could be organized in csv, xls and xlsx format.
  • Encrypted files are accepted to ensure data confidentiality.
  • Input data could easily be converted to any periodicity & start/end date that you choose.
  • New regions could be added (for pooled regression) even after you create the project.
  • Renaming and adding new variables is always possible.


The “Dashboard” module allows you to explore and visualise your data, perform different data cuts
and calculate key statistics to better understand the relationship between your variables.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Perform period or region cuts of the data.
  • Periodicity Converter
  • Key Univariate statistics: mean, sum, min, max, SD, Variance…
  • Key Bivariate Statistics: Correlation matrix, correlation function, compare periods,
    scatter plots…


The “Processing ” module offers you a comprehensive list of functions that help
you transform your raw variables to improve the quality of the model fit.

  • Preprogramed Processors & functions (Filters, Impulse, Decays, Lags, Moving Average,
    S and C shape Diminishing Returns curves, Sumproduct, trends, dummy, steps…)
  • Chain Processing allowing a series of transformation on the same variable
  • Tools for regional analysis: split region effect
  • Full Export to Excel
  • Automatic Processing allowing easy project update


The “Modelling” module allows you to build and estimate models using different advanced algorithms:

  • Automodeler, manual modelling or a combination of the two.
  • Pooled modelling (Fixed Effect Modelling)
  • Nested modelling with a clear attribution screen (for direct and indirect effects)
  • Loglinear modelling with a powerful proprietary decomposition method (in the process to be patented).
  • Contribution & ROI calculation with astrong visualisation capability (AVM, Model Statistics…)


The “Optimisation” module allows you to use the model results to optimise and allocate your budget across different activities and answers the “what’s best” questions:

  • Visualise the Diminishing Returns curves for each activity
  • Determine the optimal allocation for a given budget.
  • Determine the budget needed to achieve a specific KPI target.
  • Compare different optimisation scenarios.


The “Forecasting" module helps you use the model results to simulate and predict the impact of different investment scenarios and answer the “what if” questions:

  • Define different investment scenarios to be used for the predictive analysis.
  • Predict, for a specified period, the KPI level (e.g. sales) that will be achieved for each scenario
  • Produce the contribution graphs and tables for each activity and for each scenario
  • Compare the performance of the different planning scenarios.


The “Report” Module allows you to create your presentation as you go.

  • You can create all sort of charts in the Dashboard Module, save them,
    add a description and create a pdf report based on all the charts you produced when exploring your data.


«MassTer Server» allows you to extend the existing functionality of MassTer
by building and sharing additional excel (or web based) tools.

  • Applications like dynamic charts and reports based on the modelling results
    or dedicated bespoke optimisation and forecasting tools can be easily built by accessing the Server either locally or remotely.
  • MassTer also comes with an excel add-in allowing you to benefit
    from the Server with minimum effort.