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Masster: Your ROI, Sales and Marketing Mix Software

“MassTer” is an end-to-end marketing mix modelling software solution that allows you to identify your sales & performance drivers, calculate the ROI of your marketing activities, optimise budgets and run predictive analysis.

Best industry practices and processes were implemented to help you automate most of the steps and turn Marketing Effectiveness projects into an efficient and cost-effective process.

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MassTer Software for better Marketing Mix Optimisation

MassTer is a one-stop marketing measurement & optimisation platform composed of 8 modules that embody the natural flow of the marketing effectiveness process offering handy features and automation throughout to help you understand your key sales drivers, measure the cross-channel performance to improve ROI, optimise sales and predict future performance.

We offer flexible Packages to cater to your specific modelling needs. A comprehensive list of modules and features is offered so you can perform your marketing mix modelling project end-to-end: Data Exploration, Processing & Transformation, Modelling, Optimisation, Prediction all the way to sharing your modelling results & insight internally and externally through the MassTer server is run seamlessly through the same platform.

Reasons to choose MassTer Software


From data collection to forecasting and ROI calculation, all the tasks are performed seamlessly using the 8 built-in modules offered by MassTer. Charts, tables, ROI and contribution calculations can easily be exported to Excel. R scripts could also be run from MassTer.


MassTer is an intuitive and user-friendly software. You can quickly grasp the way it works and start building your first models on the day. We offer comprehensive and detailed training sessions that can help you further explore the capabilities of MassTer.

Advanced Modelling

MassTer is equipped with advanced modelling capabilities that respond to the requirements of today’s Marketing Mix Modelling: Loglinear (Proprietary algorithm), Pooled regression (Fixed Effect Modelling), Nested modelling with advanced attribution screen.


A comprehensive list of functions/processors are available to help you automate the transformation of your raw variables which saves you precious time and ensures robustness to human error. The auto modeller allows to quickly build viable models while taking into consideration the predefined constraints.


Our rich experience in Marketing Mix Modelling enables us to understand the growing needs of our clients. Our in-house Research & Development Department works continuously on enriching MassTer with new features and advanced modelling algorithms. Bespoke solutions could be implemented upon request.


We offer flexible packages adapted to the needs of the market. Our clients could opt for monthly or annual subscriptions. They could also choose one or a combination of the different packages offered: Standard, Professional & Premium.

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