JOB OFFER: Junior Data Analyst

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Role Description

An exciting position for an ambitious Data Analyst looking to integrate a highly innovative Data Analytics and Machine Learning company.

Mass Analytics is a growing Data Analytics company developing cutting edge Marketing Analytics software solutions to help marketers around the globe better understand the levers of their businesses and optimise their marketing budgets.

The data analyst role involves data processing (primarily in Excel), and the statistical analysis of time-series data. The successful candidate will be expected to participate in collecting data from clients, cleaning and organising the collected data and deploying it to create statistical models. The analyst will also explore, and analyse all components of the data and generate graphics for use in client presentations.

In addition to interacting with data from diverse sources and clients, and learning how to elaborate effective recommendations for our clients, the data analyst will be learning from domain experts in data manipulation, data analysis and marketing effectiveness.

The ideal candidate is an analytical problem-solver with a sharp eye for the smallest of details, is confident, organised and work cohesively with all members of the team.

Required Skills

  • Analytical thinking: analyse data and draw useful conclusions.
  • Advanced Excel skills required
  • Knowledge of multivariate statistics such as Regression Models
  • Strong proficiency with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for producing presentations
  • Capable of working independently and reliably producing high-quality work to tight deadlines.
  • Ability to communicate with technical and non-technical staff in a clear and effective manner.

Desired Skills

  • R, SAS
  • Understanding of Online advertising
  • Mathematical skills (e.g. econometric and regression analysis)

If interested, please send your CV to:

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