Digital Media Measurement & Marketing Mix Optimisation Use Case


A major telecom operator wanted to understand the full customer path to purchase, taking into consideration the influence that Paid, Owned, and Earned Media have on the different touchpoints. The objective is to understand the full impact of their investment in digital media: display, search (split branded and unbranded), social media and offline media.

Equation Nested Modelling


To optimise the total customer experience, each media element was studied to measure its direct and indirect contribution on the key business performance:

This was made possible through the nested modelling feature available in our flagship software solution MassTer. The model has been built covering 3 years’ worth of weekly data and a specific focus has been put on Digital media where data was requested, collected and analysed at the most granular level to understand the impact of each element of the digital mix. The model was built using interactive modelling approach to account for the direct and indirect influence of the elements on each touchpoint using MassTer’s nested modelling algorithm

performance marketing software.png
sales key drivers.png
paid media direct and indirect impact.png


As a result, Search budget has been increased at the expense of Display. At the same time and during TV time, branded search budget has been decreased to avoid paying for interested customers that would convert anyway through organic search channels. However unbranded search budget has been increased during periods characterised by heavy TV activity to allow quicker conversion.

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Measuring is the first step to improvement and ultimately control. We helped our client measure and report on the contribution of their marketing programs to the business through using our Software Solution “MassTer”.


What is the promotional mechanic that delivers the best sales performance? What are the promotional activities that drive the greatest ROI? Our solutions helped a major FMCG player measure and optimise different promotional strategies.


The same budget can yield impressive results, if optimised efficiently. We helped a global broadcaster perform a large-scale marketing effectiveness project covering all their products to optimise their budget across products and channels.

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