A big global broadcaster performed a large marketing effectiveness project covering all their products and wanted to use the modelling results to optimise the total budget across the different products and the different channels while taking into consideration the direct and halo impact of every single campaign deployed through a variety of channels on the performance of each product.

marketing mix optimisation model


Mass Analytics developed a stand-alone sophisticated optimiser; MassTer Insight that allowed the client to use the modelling results to optimise across products, channels, variables and periods while taking into consideration the seasonality generated period on period. Constraints like minimum, maximum, and fixed budget are possible to set for specific periods and specific channels.

budget optimisation solution.jpg


MassTer Insight allowed the client to get tailored optimisation results using the two optimisation approaches: Maximum Budget or Minimum Target. Thanks to MassTer Insight, the client was able to create monthly/quarterly reports, visualise the bucketed solution by period, and adjust the optimisation constraints when needed to maximise overall performance.

Optimisation Results per Country per Channel_ Free of Constraints.PNG


Our solution, MassTer Insight allowed the Big Global broadcaster to look at the breakdown of the optimal solution by channel, Model or variable and interpret the results in order to opt for the best budget allocation that allows them to reach their target. The flexibility of the MassTer Insight allowed them to update the optimisation reports with the latest campaign and constraints helping them increase efficiency by 20%.

Monthly Press Curves.PNG

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Measuring is the first step to improvement and ultimately control. We helped our client measure and report on the contribution of their marketing programs to the business through using our Software Solution “MassTer”.


In today’s digital age, companies are investing heavily in digital channels. “MassTer”, our software solution, helped a major telecom operator uncover the effects of Paid, Owned and Earned Media on the customer path to purchase and sales performance.


What is the promotional mechanic that delivers the best sales performance? What are the promotional activities that drive the greatest ROI? Our solutions helped a major FMCG player measure and optimise different promotional strategies.

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