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Does Cambridge Analytica have your data? Here's how to check

Posted by Asma Sifaoui on April 13, 2018

Facebook is making it simple for clients to see whether their information was scratched and is propelling information manhandle abundance program to report app developers. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg headed to Washington, D.C., to affirm to Congress about Cambridge Analytica abusing user information, the site is currently making ...

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Five Reasons for investing in Social Media Analytics

Posted by Asma Sifaoui on March 28, 2018

One cannot deny the important role social media is playing in the success of nowadays brands. These recent years, companies of all sizes are relying heavily on social media sites and blogs to reach their customers and grow their businesses. However, the proliferation of these channels and the large number ...
by Dr. Ramla Jarrar, Co-founder and CEO at Mass AnalyticsLearn more about MassTer, and let us help you uncover the bright side of your marketing ROI. Request your FREE TRIAL now.

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Are we approaching the era of Marketing Mix Modelling Industrialisation?

Posted by Sirine Karray on Feb. 2, 2018

According to Forrester’s article “Vendor Landscape: Marketing Measurement And Optimisation Solutions”, today’s marketers live in a world dominated by more-powerful technology, growing data volume, and increasingly data-driven focus. In this complex multi-channel landscape, advertisers are pressurised to quantify the business impact of their investments and update their knowledge ...

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Five Tips to Choosing the Right Marketing Effectiveness Partner

Posted by Sirine Karray on Dec. 8, 2017

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and, eventually, to improvement.”H. James HarringtonThese words certainly ring true for all marketers around the globe that find themselves facing the challenge of measuring the impact of their marketing activity and disentangling the effect of each component in view of ...

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