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Who We Are

MASS Analytics is a technology company that specialises in developing end-to-end analytical solutions to help marketers better understand the levers of their business and adopt data driven decision making. With an experience exceeding 20 years across different industries in the field of Marketing effectiveness and Software Solution development, we bring to you the best of our tools and expertise to help you optimise your marketing budget to achieve maximum ROI.

Ramla Jarrar

Dr. Ramla Jarrar

Chief Executive Officer

Firas Jabloun

Dr. Firas Jabloun

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Baker

Mr. Paul Baker

Board Member

Rafal Kozlowski

Mr. Rafal Kozlowski


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Our Values

At Mass Analytics, we believe in the importance of our core values. They define us and guide everything we do.

Passion: We are passionate about analytics and we strive to achieve the best for our clients and always go beyond the brief. Our success is measured by the accomplishments of our clients.

Integrity: We are committed to analyse the data to the best we can and expose the truth where it lays. Integrity is part of every analysis and objective recommendations are provided throughout.

Transparency: We perform our analysis under the maximum transparency possible. We expose our methods to our clients and we endeavour to respond to all their questions & queries.

Excellence: We strive for and value excellence. We are committed to provide our clients with innovative tools and are engaged to deliver the best consultancy services to support our clients in their quest for excellency.

Causes We Care About

At Mass Analytics, we are engaged and motivated to support causes that empower community members and communicate our values and best practices.



We have faith in the power of education in changing people’s life and we push for continuous learning & knowledge sharing.



We promote new ideas and we continuously challenge conventional views to ensure incessant improvement.



We strive to bring innovative solutions to the analytics' industry to respond to the constant changing needs.



We are committed to empower the people of our community, to act as a role model and to push for entrepreneurship in analytics.

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